Inspiration turns into a PLAN!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In another recent entry {RIGHT HERE!} I talked about the desire I've had to combine my two biggest passions of dance and mental/emotional health advocacy into some sort of ministry opportunity. But I had no clue where I was going to start or how it was going to work. 

Wellllllll...I think I have figured it out!
Or at least the "big picture" of what I want...

Here's how it all came about...

I was first inspired {or I guess I should say inspired AGAIN} by Ballet Magnificat! They are an absolutely wonderful professional ballet company, but they are also a ministry. I've known them for quite awhile, and I've seen them perform several times...but over the past few days, they've been on my mind.

Then, over the weekend, John-David and I watched "Ballet 422" on Netflix. It's a documentary movie about a 25 year old male dancer with the New York City Ballet, who was selected to choreograph a new ballet for the company. It's all about his creative process so there is no narration and very little dialogue...except for all of the collaboration and discussions. I found the whole thing completely and totally fascinating!

Also over the weekend, I came back across the song "Brother" by the band NeedToBreathe. 
Now, I've been wanting to choreograph this song for awhile. But while listening to it this time, the overall message of the song really stuck out to me even more than usual. And I decided that whatever I decided to do with my ministry, I wanted it to be centered around THIS song and THIS message. The message of how important it is to hold each other up during the darkest of dark times.

Take a listen to the song if you haven't heard it...or listen to it again even if you have...because it's just that good!
And it's so good, in fact, that the group was asked to perform it in the Macy's Parade last Thanksgiving!

So...with the combination of remembering Ballet Magnificat! and all of the inspiration they constantly bring me, watching an awesome choreo documentary, and re-listening to THAT SONG {again, and again, and again}...I came up with a premise for a NEW BALLET! 

It's going to be a contemporary ballet, fairly short...using this song and a few others by NeedToBreathe...because their music is just so good and choreograph-able {I think I just made that word}! And also adding a couple of songs by another artist {which I have yet to decide on}. But all of them will be songs of hope in the midst darkness, hope in the midst of suffering. My main focus, of course, will be on mental/emotional health awareness, and giving hope to those who are in the deep pits of depression {as I have been}...but I think this could have an impact on so many different kinds of people!

There are a lot of logistics to work out. Like...

** A title for the ballet
** Who will collaborate and be a part of this ministry with me
** Where to find dancers {plus I'll be using some of my current students of course}
** A venue to perform in
** How long the process will take, or should take

...and many more things I'm sure I'll come up with, ha!
But most importantly...I'm going to need to keep in mind that "Satan is the father of lies" {John 8:44}. He likes to destroy anything that is God-inspired. Which, in my case, usually means taking full advantage my mood disorder {which he knows is my biggest vulnerability} and using it to tear me down with insecurities, and remind me that nothing good in my life ever lasts. I pray that I can FIGHT that off!

Getting started is the hardest part...but I can't wait to get this going!


  1. What a cool vision, hoping for lots of creative inspiration and support from your community

  2. This is so neat! Definitely going to love following this journey of yours!

  3. You should be excited! This is a big thing--keep at it, you can definitely accomplish it!