15 things that make me INSANELY happy!

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's been a crazy week! Because it's RECITAL TIME!! I'm super excited and nervous about it...and the preparation process has kept me very, very busy this month. Which explains why I've had to leave this little blog on the back burner for a bit. I haven't even had time to think about something to write. I have a list of posts and topics to write about, but no time to actually figure out what they are going to say...HA!


Trying to CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE and break through my mental blocks has proven to be very difficult over the last few days.

So, today I thought maybe I should tune into what puts a smile on my face. I'm not sure if it's actually going to help. But at least it will be written out where I can see it regularly...

{1} When someone gives me an unexpected gift.  
My love language is GIFTS. Which doesn't make me a materialistic person...it just shows that someone was thinking of me...that they put time and effort into picking something out for me. It shows that they obviously know me well, and that something can remind them of me :))

{2} Little girls in Tutus...

Because...well...yeah, obviously :))
{to read about how dancing and teaching dance saved my life, CLICK HERE!!}

I get so goofy happy when there are antiques in the room! They are so fascinating and exciting to look at! I always feel like I was born in the wrong time period. And one of the reasons is because I get completely GIDDY around old, pretty things :))

{4} Babies...
Like...this little sweet boy...right here...

Although he's getting so big now :))

{5} Puppies!!......no explanation needed :))

{6} Traveling and seeing mountains
I think I love mountains so much because they are so majestic. When I am in the mountains, I feel so much closer to God and I'm reminded of how majestic HE is! I think they are the most beautiful, incredible things in His creation. 

{7} Warm hugs :))
"Hi! I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!" Haha...I think that's the main reason I like Olaf from "Frozen" so much! I love hugs from EVERYONE! Especially my students!

{8} Discount Bookstores
There is a gigantic bargain bookstore in my area and every time I go in there, I get all the warm fuzzies :)) Weird girl? Haha, maybe...but I just love it so much! I'll spend hours in that place, combing through each individual book making sure I don't miss anything. Especially on the two and a half {long!} aisles full of books that are only a dollar a piece!!! GAAAHHH!!

{9} Deep conversations with close friends.
Even if they are conversations about struggles and hard times...I never feel more refreshed than when I walk away from a several hour long conversation with someone who was as invested in it as I was.

{10}  Old movies

Okay, so I guess between the antiques, the books, and now the old movies, you're probably all thinking, this girl is such a nerd! Haha, well I probably am, and I'm proud :)) LOL. But seriously...Audrey, Judy, Vivian...Gene Kelly, Clark Gable...ALL OF THEM! EVERYONE! ALL the movies with ALL the actors!!!

{11} Hearing a song I love come on the radio...
...And then turning it up really loud in the car and singing to it!

{12} Watching my choreography come to life
...And I can't wait to see it all go smoothly and beautifully next week for the recital! My upper level students and soloists have been working so very hard and they look GREAT!

{13} Seeing pretty things in the store ON SALE!
 I am attracted, like a moth to a flame, to everything floral and lace! It's like hearing someone say, "Ooh! Shiny!" LOL. And if it's at a discounted price...well...then it pretty much becomes irresistible to me.

{14} Hearing my ballet teacher say, "YES!"
...Or even just seeing a teacher nod at me! To me that's huge...because it means I'm doing it right!

{15} Attending a live performance
...Whether it be a ballet, a symphony or chamber music concert, an opera, or a musical...there's something about seeing a live performance that completely energizes me. And I always walk away feeling completely inspired and happy.

So...what makes all of YOU the happiest? 


  1. I hear you on the ballet teacher ones!! Nothing is more rewarding than doing a move right!! Props to you for doing a positive post in the midst of the battle by the way!! Xo
    Chelsea // trendychelsea.wordpress.com

    1. Aww, thanks girl! It takes A LOT of work for me to do that. I have depression that can get very severe at times, so I was pretty surprised when I was able to pull this off :))

      So awesome that you're a dancer too! I'm getting ready to check out your blog now!