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Thursday, May 7, 2015

I've really enjoyed seeing these floating around the blogosphere!
And since I'm still a fairly new blogger, I thought it might be a nice idea to do one too. 
Obviously, the only way to make new friends is to get to know them...and I LOVE making new friends. And through this blog, I hope that happens!

So this is me...from A-Z

Age: 25

Bed: Uhm...I am not sure specifically what type of bed it I know it's a full-sized IKEA bed, and really really comfortable! :))

Chore you hate: Washing dishes! Hate doing that! Seriously if my apartment hadn't had a dishwasher, that would have been my dealbreaker.

Dogs: My family dog is a yellow lab, and her name is Libby Rose. She lives with my parents still.  And my other favorite sweet puppy is Herschel! He's the boyfriend's dog, and I LOVE HIM soooo much! And then of course, I can't forget my best friend's sweetie pups, Barney, who posed oh-so-well for his picture :))

Essential start to your day: Coffee, coffee, coffee!!! {a la, Lorelei Gilmore}

Favorite color: Of course the ultra girly PINK! But I've developed a real love for Tiffany Blue...and that is quickly becoming my favorite color.

Gold or silver: ROSE GOLD!

Height: 5'5

Instruments you play: Piano, but I have not played in a long time. I still remember a couple of pieces, but it's been awhile. I'm a singer more than anything else.

Job title: Dance instructor...first and foremost.

Kids: I spend a lot of time around kids as a teacher! And I was born to be a mom!

Live: A sweet little apartment in Indiana...good ole Midwest.

Mom's name: Kaaren

Nickname: Em or Emmy {but ONLY IF I give you advanced permission to call me either of those}. And while I was growing up, most people actually called me Lily, which I kind of dropped after college...but people who have known me for years still call me that.

Overnight hospital stay: I was in the hospital for a full week after having surgery done on my back.

Pet peeve: Sickled feet!!! AHHH!! {It's a dancer means not pointing your feet properly and it drives me insane, ha!}

Quote from a book or movie: This one was HARD! There are so many great quotes out there! But I definitely think THIS one tops them for me. I've seen this movie so many times and yet this line never fails to make me tear up.

"I don't want sunbursts...or marble halls. I just want you."

oh my goodness, friends! seriously! i can't even handle it! :))

Righty/Lefty: Righty

Siblings: I am the oldest of three. I have two younger brothers.

Time you wake up: Oh, can we not even discuss this please?! Hee hee. I have the absolute hardest time getting up. I can't set myself to one time, because that never actually 

Underwear: Um...really?

Veggies you dislike: Most of them actually. I wasn't fed vegetables much as a child, and even as a baby I didn't like the vegetable flavored baby food. I will eat them if they are "masked" with something else though, like butter, cheese, or dressing.

What makes you late: Can we go back to how horrible it is for me to wake up? Yeah, that is what often makes me late.

X-Rays you've had: Several on my spine in the years before I had surgery. I had to get a new one every year.

Yummy food you make: I'm still getting used to cooking for myself...but I must say that I made a LOVELY strawberry banana cheesecake salad last week. And YES that's as yummy as it sounds!

Zoo animal: GIRAFFES!! I love them! I wish we had them at our local zoo, but it's too small. I absolutely loved seeing them VERY much up close and personal on the African Safari ride in Disney's Animal Kingdom!

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