One Down...

Friday, September 4, 2015

...And a whole lot more to go.

So...this has been a good week.

And I mean, a really really good week! 

Probably because I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I finally got to go back to ballet class after a six week break {can we say, WAY TOO LONG?!}, a new choir season has begun, I've gotten a whole new group of dance students at one location, and I'm getting ready to welcome another group of students at another location! 

But I think the main reason is because I was able to accomplish one of my "easier" goals.

Cleaning and redecorating my room.
And I love it! It's sweet and Audrey Hepburn, who is pretty much the "theme" to my room. The "Tiffany Blue" color of the sheets make me so happy and relaxed, and I plan to add other accents in that color later.

The "newness" of all of this...and the fact that it's actually CLEAN...just makes me feel 10 times better about everything else. Even about just BEING IN my room! 

Now...the moving forward part...this is where things get tricky.

A good week like this...several days in a row of feeling THIS GOOD...

I have no idea when the inevitable "drop" is going to come, or how I'm going to handle it.
Redecorating the room...and GETTING it clean...that was the easy part. Or...well...relatively easy, in comparison to the rest of this...

  • KEEPING the room clean.
  • Sticking to a schedule for practicing music, & for writing.
  • Growing in my relationship with God.
  • Exercising regularly {apart from my Monday night ballet class}
  • Finding a way of eating that works for me {including learning to plan meals ahead of time to avoid "food anxiety'}.
That last one is going to be the toughest one...and if I spent time going into all of the "whys" about it, we'd be here for a long time.
So I'll just say this..."eating plans" always, always, ALWAYS equal unhealthy thoughts for me. I've tried so many different tactics. I always end up back in a very bad place.
{Someday I'll write more about's just not the right time.}

Really, they are all going to be hard. And most people would wonder why...because for most people all of these things are just part of a normal lifestyle. However, people with mood disorder aren't normal. I've said before that it makes what should be everyday tasks, a lot harder.

Which is why a good week like this is scary...but I'm learning how to enjoy this "UP", and to take advantage of it and make it great...and trying very hard to not worry about how long it's gonna last before I "go down again."

One down...and a whole lot more to go.

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