Currently, in June...

Monday, June 22, 2015

I've been missing this little blog.
I've had such a crazy last couple of weeks! Two weeks ago, I was soooo busy trying to get a group of new students adjusted to a new dance session. My advanced dancers have been doing GREAT over the last month, and now it's been the time to bring in the littles :)) I love them. They are too cute! They love to dance!

Then last week, I was dealing with a bunch of issues...not feeling great muscles completely giving out on me and causing EXCRUCIATING pain...and then to top that off, I ended up with a scratched cornea. Cue even more excruciating pain :((

Anyway...after all the craziness, I'm glad to be back. And I thought I'd just start off with a little "update" post.

So...currently, in June...

Reading... All the Bright Places by Jennifer, so good so far! I'm hooked!...and slightly nervous for what is coming next :))
Playing... catch up on blogging.
Watching... the current season of Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms {yes, both guilty pleasures for me...but I just. can't. stop.}
Trying... really hard to make better lifestyle choices, and prepare for my future.
Cooking... new recipes that are THM plan approved.
Eating... THM plan approved foods, as often as I can {I'm gonna write a post about this at some point...once it becomes a little more consistent}.
Drinking... Iced coffee...constantly...and iced tea...constantly. My two favorite sources of caffeine.
Calling... friends I haven't been in touch with for awhile.
Texting... with John-David...all the time :))
Pinning... lots and lots of things! Lately, it's been bedroom decor stuff, since I plan on redecorating my room...and home decor, thinking of the future :))
Tweeting... other bloggers.
Going... back to my hometown next weekend to go to the beach and see my friends from Miami who are here for the summer! Finally!
Loving... everything Audrey Hepburn, taking ballet class, reading on my balcony, spending so much time with beautiful, sweet, kiddos.
Hating... my brain a lot of the time, not being able to stick to my food plan, and all the hatred I've been seeing in the world lately.
Discovering... that I really do feel so much better, emotionally, when everything is clean and organized {I just get so overwhelmed by cleaning, and so tired that I put it off. It explains so much about why I always felt so bad sitting alone in my room. Who wants to sit in such a mess of chaos? It looked like what my brain would look like if I opened it up. Believe me, that's not okay to look at all the time. I'm glad it's better now}.  
Thinking... about my future...sometimes a little too much, and I end up freaking myself out.
Feeling... a total mix of optimism, nervousness, fear, and excitement about life. Can they all exist together? Apparently they can!
Hoping (for)... God to reveal Himself to two very close friends. Kind of a matter of life and death here...literally...for both of them. 
Listening (to)... Oldies, oldies, and more oldies...from the 50s, up through the 80s...ALWAYS!
Celebrating... several birthdays and graduations this Father's Day yesterday.
Smelling... the caramel in my coffee...mmm.
Thanking... my gracious God for all of the wonderful, beautiful, incredible people He has placed in my life!
Considering... waiting a little while before starting grad school...because I want to see if a new medication will help me focus, and do a WHOLE lot better.
Starting... to put together a line up for our summer recital...making sure all of my music is picked out and ready to go.
Finishing... my iced coffee, and this blog post! :))

What are YOU up to currently?

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