Getting something out of (one of) my online addictions

Friday, February 26, 2016

Yes, I am totally among the masses of people who are addicted to Pinterest.
It pretty much covers every little thing I could possibly want to do or look at! It's introduced me to beauty tips and tricks that I never would have thought of, delightful looking recipes, ways to organize pretty much every single aspect of my life, and plenty of reasons for me to get kidnapped by Hobby Lobby! There are thousands of encouraging quotes that I pin regularly as constant reminders for my well as brilliant pictures of dancers that motivate me to work hard in ballet class. Not to mention all of the insanely adorable outfit ideas a person can find {POLYVORE anyone?? OHMIGOODNESS!!} 

Pinterest is definitely a source of inspiration for me...but it's also a reason to procrastinate. There are plenty of things that I put off doing because I'm too busy looking for ideas for HOW to do them on Pinterest. 

I wish I could say that every time I find a project I wanna work on, I jump up straight away and head over to the craft store, or grocery store, or the mall to get what I need to accomplish it.

But I really don't.
And I'd like to!

So...I'm challenging myself to complete one pin a week. Whether it's trying out a new beautiful up-do for curly hair, making one of these yummy looking iced coffee drinks, trying to paint a pretty spring-like manicure on my nails, or figuring out the most creative or fun ways to do some spring cleaning and organizing, I think it's time to see some of my hundreds {okay so maybe thousands} of hoarded pins actually happen.

And yes I'll be posting some updates and recaps...considering that I'll probably be really proud of anything I ACTUALLY accomplish. 

Okay, so here we go!
Does anyone have any experiences with projects they tried on Pinterest that went extremely well? Or even stuff that didn't go terribly well? ;)) I'd love to hear stories!

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